A Note from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra & Frank Almond, Concertmaster
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Dear MSO Family -

With immense gratitude, I’ve made the personal decision to step away from the position of concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra at the end of the 2019.20 season.

It has been an honor to have served in this role for the past 25 seasons. This is a world class organization and it has been my privilege to serve our city alongside its exceptional musicians, visiting soloists, board of directors, artistic staff, generous patrons and devoted audiences.

It was an immeasurable honor to serve under the direction of two transformative music directors, the esteemed Andreas Delfs and legendary Edo de Waart. Their keen insight into what makes music speak so deeply to all audiences was a constant source of amazement and inspiration for me. I’m also looking forward to having the privilege of serving under Maestro Ken-David Masur this season.

I would like to thank my incomparable onstage colleagues, who are not only superb musicians that any city would treasure, but who are remarkable people with a genuine commitment to their art and community.

As the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra takes its next steps forward with a new hall and a new conductor, I am humbled that the MSO has graciously asked me to stay on as Artistic Advisor, where I will work directly with Maestro Ken-David Masur and others in whatever capacity I can to contribute to the orchestra’s tremendous upward trajectory.

And finally, thank you to our loyal and devoted audience. I look forward to staying connected to you in the next chapter for the MSO, in my own life and in our truly extraordinary community.


Frank Almond

Charles and Marie Caestecker Concertmaster Chair

VIDEO: Concertmaster Frank Almond & Music Director Ken-David Masur
"Frank Almond’s dedication, passion and mastery of his craft has endeared him to his colleagues, our patrons, students, partners and so many others. His musical talents are world class, yet he remains uniquely approachable to all those he meets. Over the years, Frank has given so much of himself to the MSO, to Milwaukee and to his craft, and has earned every accolade bestowed upon him. I’m honored to have the opportunity to partner with Frank during his last season performing with the orchestra and am grateful he will remain part of the MSO family into the future."

- Ken-David Masur, Music Director, Polly and Bill Van Dyke Music Director Chair

"Frank and I have worked together for many years. We were students together at Juilliard, served as colleagues in the orchestra, and collaborated to expand the reach and impact of the MSO. In those ways and so many others, Frank is indelibly united with our MSO family. I’m looking forward to joining our orchestra, patrons and community in celebrating Frank and his many accomplishments throughout this season."

- Mark Niehaus, President & Executive Director, Michael and Jeanne Schmitz Chair
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